German word meaning 'very' can be used in the same context as 'uber'
"mate that film was sehr good"
"that will be sehr heavy"
"this place is sehr crowded"
by King Ell December 28, 2005
The Persian Word For Sunrise and Arab for awakening/dawn.

In Latin/Turkish it similary "sehr-yeli" meaning "the early morning breeze",

A rare but beautiful name.

In the month of ramadan for muslims the time of sehr is the time to wake up and eat before keeping their fast.
"call sehr"

"wake up its Sehr time"
by Sargtu June 24, 2014
A wonderful girl who can be trusted with all your heart she is a beautiful girl who is shy but once u now her she's loud and wild
Randomer: Man look at sehr she is having so much fun

Randomer2: i know right wish she was my friend and I was very close to her
A kind and intelligent girl who is up for a challenge. Gets hurt physically and emotionally very easily but gets over it. Very beautiful and can never stop smiling
Wow Sehr, you are hot!
by cupcakersss October 20, 2017
A really pretty girl. She is very kinda and makes a lot of friends. She’s kinda desperate for a boyfriend but everyone knows she’ll get one. She is a terrible dancer but is a fun person to be around. But be careful cuz if she finds someone more popular than you she will ditch you for them.
“Sehr is awesome but keeps ditching me”
by sillyGamer4329 June 26, 2020
An exclamation meaning that usually means great, or awesome, but could really be used for anything when you don't know what else to say
Lets go get some burgers, sehr!

Guy you don't know: Dang, my dog just died...

Me: ... Uhm... Sehr?

by Racin' Randy October 5, 2009
Used in everything , to mean that something is good

Comes from German
JC-Hey MRS. your boobs are Sehr Gut
JC.- Sehr gut!
by ONTHELINE January 29, 2016