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The hottest lesbian girl ever and hates people over 31.

Evil mastermind that is slowly causing the world to crumble before him.

Guy who gets laid any time he wants to
Guy#1:Whoa dude did you see that segis over there?
Guy#2:.........Ohh yea i do

Guy#1:I think i saw that segis guy in the street a while back, do you think i should tell the police?
Guy#2: no way man, hell kill you!!!

Guy#1:Man....I wish i was as lucky as segis.

by Lol _Mazter March 01, 2009
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Also referred to as Segi College, is an overrated college in Malaysia, located at 4 different places within the country and the main campus being at 'KD' (another overrated piece of shit place). The students are mostly ugly and dumb because they probably didn't get accepted anywhere else.
segi student: hey! Segi totally rocks!
me: hah hah, of course it does......retard!
by Press Harder August 06, 2008
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The ultimate demon god born from nothing and rules over nothing slowly watching he world as it slowly destroys its self.
In the Aztec ruins, there is a forgotten cave dedicated to the god SEGIS whom they feared and kept secret from the world.
by Anonymous demon vassal February 27, 2009
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