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Seddie is the pairing of Sam Puckett && Freddie Benson Sam Freddie They have a love-hate relationship. They shared their first kiss together on the fire escape to the song "Running Away." By the AM. Sam is always covering up her feelings for Freddie by hitting him, punching him, hurting him, ect... This pairing is rivaling Creddie (Carly Shay && Freddie Benson) Seddie is more popular, though.
"Aww Sam, if your in love with me just say so." "Nyeeh." "Nyeeh." ;)

TOTAL Seddie moment(: there are more, just look up "seddie" in google.
by SeddieLoveerr(; January 09, 2011
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Seddie is a name combined from two other names called Sam and Freddie, who are on the show iCarly. They bicker constantly, but they might have a love/hate relationship in the future iCarly episodes.
Freddie says, "You know, if a girl rips on a guy, it usually means she has a crush on him." Sam says, "Yeah, but i wasen't ripping on a guy, i was ripping on you. Such a seddie moment.
by Afyia August 13, 2008
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The blending of the two names Sam and Freddie who appear on the comedy show iCarly and who seem to have a love/hate relationship. Sam and Freddie have been "playing a game" since the sixth grade that defines there love/hate relationship, making them an ideal couple.
Freddie: "I hate you"
Sam: "Hate you too"
A Seddie moment after the moment they kissed in iKiss.
by spaghettitaco August 22, 2009
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