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Angry Young Man Music is generally a mix of the heavy-metal, hip-hip, industrial and 'angsty' alternative genres. It seems that of the music coming out of these genres, Angry Young Man Music includes those artists who music is particularly bad.

This style of music is often listened to by those who suffer from Angry Young Man Syndrome. Once they are hooked on Angry Young Man Music, they lose the ability to appreciate all other types of music. Sometimes after they recover from Angry Young Man Syndrome, they look back at their record collection and wonder how they ever could have listened to such crap music.
Friend 1: Hey, maybe would could borrow some CDs from Sam for the party?
Friend 2: Don't bother - he only listens to Angry Young Man Music.
by Etain August 4, 2006
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Second-Year Syndrome is when a second or later-year student becomes disillusioned with studying and with universities in general. They have lost the momentum of high-school, the excitement of first-year, and cannot see an end to their degree coursework. Students who suffer from Second-Year Syndrome usually either drop out entirely, or stop trying to gain those elusive High Distinctions, and do as little as possible to Pass.
Student 1: Where's Jamie?
Student 2: He's not coming to lectures anymore - he's got Second-Year Syndrome
by Etain August 4, 2006
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Angry Young Man Syndrome usually occurs between young men aged 18 to 22. This often coincides with their discovery of beer as a breakfast substitute.

The effects of Angry Young Man Syndrome are: not calling or visiting your family, being gruff with your family when you do see them, not giving presents to family or friends on key holidays and birthdays, being grumpy when you don't get very good presents back, complaining about how poor and poverty-stricken you are after buying the latest computer game, listening to Angry Young Man Music, being cynical about everything and everyone in general.
Friend 1: What's his problem?
Friend 2: Must be Angry Young Man Syndrome
by Etain August 4, 2006
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