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German Formula One driver for the elite Red Bull Racing team. has achieved huge popularity worldwide with his youth, talented driving, good looks and sense of humor. regarded by many in the Formula One industry as the next michael schumaker.
Sebastian Vettel is favourite to win this years Championship title.
by SFxSVxZxJH June 02, 2010
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A critically acclaimed Formula 1 driver. From German origin. Sebastian has won many Grand Prix titles the past years but is known to be a huge douche with his team, Infiniti Red Bull. Notably during the Malaysian GP 2013, Seb' wasn't supposed to let Mark Webber win but instead, stole the limelight for himself. He has a shitty accent during interviews and tries to be funny. He is also a wannabe Schumacher racing legend.
Jeremy Clarkson: Will you miss Sebastian Vettel ?!

Mark Webber: Uuuh... I don't think so, quite frankly.
by Jimple Sack January 08, 2014
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