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Southern California during a heavy extended rainfall which is more common in the Pacific Northwest.
Three days of nonstop rain in SoCal has taken away the smog and made everything green, so we're in Seattlefornia until it stops and everything returns to normal.
by boratfan1 November 18, 2011
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Seattlefornia is an idiot from California who moves to Seattle and expects all the horrible things of California to be in Seattle.

For Example He/She Might Expect:

A.) Air conditioning in unit/house
B.) Fast Food Restaurants on every block.
C.) Sunshine
D.) A Republican to win an election.
E.) Carl's Jr. on Capitol Hill
F.) ___________________ (insert a celebrity name here...cause that's all they care about.)

Also complains about the fact that roads in Seattle are not big enough, expects Washington to cut down all trees (which give the fresh air that California's move to Washington for...) and build roads to drive their gas guzzling chevy's or range rovers.
Jim from California: So, I love this unit...does it come with air conditioning?
Realtor from Seattle: No, we live in Seattle.
Jim from California: Well ( in whiny voice) California they have ___________________ (insert ten stupid things no one cares about and one celebrity ...)
Realtor from Seattle: Geez...your so Seattlefornia Jim.
by LookdntU4eelStupid February 02, 2016
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