Seanna is a absolutely gorgeous girl. You always see boys turning their heads just to look at her. She has killer body especially the booty. She is funny, kind, loyal, outgoing, athletic, and has talent. She might be a great dancer, singer, and etc. She’s the one that lights up the room. She is someone you can always rely on and won’t disappoint you. She is very independent and most people don’t know much about her. She doesn’t let people see the things she’s gone through. She only opens up to her closest friends. She always tear herself down. She may seem very confident, but deep down she is very insecure and thinks very badly of herself. If you ever find a Seanna, KEEP HER !! If you ever lose her trust it’ll take years for her to forgive you. If you decide to ever walk out of her life she’ll be gone forever.
mike: I just broke up with my girl...

lucy: What happened?! Seanna was perfect !!
by kaejj17 December 8, 2017
A one of a kind type of girl, Extremly witty, often sarcastic and always up for a laugh. Very senestive and often dramatic, Beautiful and charming not to mention has the bedroom skills of a porn star! Can also be quite crazy... but when u get a Seanna that loves you, she will love you with with all she has got so dont let her down as once she is hurt shes gone forever!
That girls like Seanna!
by Hannahbebae June 22, 2017
Meaning gracious or merciful

An awesome person that isn't a tard and loves Paramore. Doesn't mind telling people what she thinks of them.
Hey were you talking to Seanna last night?

Yeah she was telling everyone what she thought of where she lives
by Paper Raper April 9, 2011
The best girl who you can ever meet. She is loyal and kind. Beautiful and outrageous. Has a model type body. Most of the time has long hair. Good dancer, singer, and more. Very talented. Has the MOST beautiful eyes (mostly light brown or hazel). Great girlfriend. Loves music. Good fighter. Great heart
Did you see seanna

Yes boo she's poppin
by Poppin girl May 9, 2017
Seanna is a fun and sweet girl. Very athletic mostly into cheerleading. Always care about her friends and family. Always wants to get better on school, sports, and more. If you need someone to talk to talk to Seanna.
Hey, what's wrong?
My pet died.

You should talk to Seanna about it.
by Freespirit. December 26, 2014
The most fun. Intelligent and charming. She's gorgeous, athletic and most importantly a feminist. She's a great friend and dispenses great advice via text.
Always blonde, never a dumpy brunette
See a Seanna if you need advice.
by gfems December 9, 2010