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A stunning new open-world pirate game, made by the talented crew at Rare. With a gorgeous art style and a vast ocean to explore – this charming cell-shaded game requires true teamwork if you're to set sail into its mysteries.

Players can look forward to boarding ships and stealing booty later this year, when the game releases alongside Project Scorpio.

It is coming to Xbox One/Scorpio and Win10 as a Play Anywhere title. I'm really pumped to see if Rare can still work their magic!
Dude #1: 'Holy smokes, I can't wait to play Sea of Thieves!'

Dude#2: 'I know, right?! That game is gonna be lit.'


Dude #1: 'Get out of here, you Pony!'

Dude #2: 'Yeah, go play your little weaboo indie games!'

Dude #1 and #2 proceed to high-five.
by XD bf1 4 life April 13, 2017
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