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The raddest pokemon there is, he has blades for hands, kind of like Baraka but 8x more badass. He has no need for a knife, he just uses his hands to stab the hoes that didnt pay him. Female Scythers are extremely good at making sandwiches. When he masturbates he cuts his wang, but thats okay, because his dick is also a hidden blade.
Did you see that Scyther slice that bitch?

Yeah nigga, he sliced her vagina clear open
by Tittytots March 31, 2011
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A bug-flying type Pokemon who has a high attack stat. Evolves into Scizor when traded while holding the item, "Metal Coat." It attacks with it's scythe-like arms.
I trained my Scyther to level 60! It's Swords Dance/Slash combo is unbeatable!
by Shadow Blaziken March 01, 2005
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another term for marijuana, deemed popular in the bay area
' got that scyther cuz?"
by the real buddy September 05, 2005
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