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Trailer trolls who like dirty drugs and sleeman; you can identify their nests by finding wolf or lion blankets hanging in their trailer or car windows (whichever one they are staying in for the night); they also often stink.
- I use to like Tibbs, but then he started hanging out with a bunch of scumpunks.

- Mann one of those dirty dinks had a bloody handprint for a week living in his trailer trash and Tibbs would just chill there; I guess he's part of the scummerhood now...
by RickGoldfield and FrankGuitar October 08, 2019
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An individual who dresses in a 'punk' fashion, has a dog, is quite filthy, and asks for spare change.
While walking past Dick's on Broadway, he spied a scumpunk asking for change to buy crank.
by poon April 23, 2004
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