When somepin' ain't right. Like when them dice over there lookin kinda wonky. Like when they just seem a bit weird and not frabulous.
Somethin' don't seem rice about these dices, these dices, they don't look so good y'know, there somethin' ain't quite frabulousis about them they're a little Scrumbulated. - Markiplier
by Findloo November 18, 2020
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the art of being very VERY confused.
When I entered class. I was quite Scrumbuled.
by Kyubu January 28, 2022
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'Theyre a little scrumbulated' -markipler 2020
by A jim doodle hater November 19, 2020
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To pretend to act harsh or rude to someone or to pretend to scold someone.
She behaves scrumbulous whenever mom arrives from work.
Immediately the police walked in, she became scrumbulous.
You can't fool me, I know you're just being scrumbulous
by Bukereti July 13, 2018
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