Lounging around, eating whatever you want, wearing basically nothing and looking as if society stopped caring about appearances.

NOT in a depressed state. Thats called bummin. You scrub just because you can.
Hey, whatcha doin?


Can I come over?

Nope :)
by NoRoommates August 04, 2012
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hahah not loookkking good..
yaddiddadddaa holluh.. all scrubbbed out!

i was scrubbin
by babybrittae December 24, 2008
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When someone isn't on point with their life and or always bails out on plans with the squad
Jim: where's Mike? We were going to hit the club tonight.
Paul: Mikes scrubbin out again
by Dutchmasta z April 19, 2016
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being lazy
not caring how u look
aquamequisha- "hey what are you doing today"
bomquisha- "just scrubbin it, watchin movies with the boyfriend"
aquamequisha- "bitch, what the hell. chicks before dicks"
by aquamequisha jones January 11, 2009
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Scrubbing is just a word that is used to descibe everything and anything thats happening.

Also used by Birdman and Lil Weezy and occasionaly Momentum Kid
by Birdman Dan July 29, 2008
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The bestest thing you could ever experience. It is done by moving your fingers in a good way and rubbing them against someone else who is also moving their fingers in a good way
bro ima need summa that scrubbin lovin dont be a bitch wit tha lovin scrubbin
by scrubby the g January 07, 2019
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When you go to take a crap while experiencing an erection, and the penis head rubs the inside of the toilet bowl.
"Man, I woke up with morning wood, and had to take a shower because I totally scrubbin' bubbles/scrubbin' bubbled"
by Tayrodactyl January 01, 2010
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