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\"Pinky was a nice cat, until he bit me in the scroticles.\"
by LittleSam April 26, 2005
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Scroticles (noun); the extremely sensitive hair follicles located on the scrotum, known to cause intense pain if pulled, accidentally or otherwise; ball fuzz; nut fur.
I was playfully wagging my penis at my woman, who wasn't amused. She reached over and yanked a handful of scroticles from my nutbag. EPIC PAIN!
by OneStarGator July 05, 2017
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An icicle that bares a striking resemblance to a human scrotum.
It can also be used to insult someone.
I had a huge scroticle hanging from my porch, last winter.
by Adrian Finch September 19, 2008
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