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Trail mix, Gorp, etc.

One backronym is Sultanas, Chocolate, Raisins and Other Goody-Goodies Including Nuts.

Nuts provide sustainability and protein, the dried fruit provided carbohydrates and the chocolate and other goody-goodies are there for that quick pick-me up when you need the energy to climb a hill.

Used by hikers, mountain bikers, skiiers, mountaineers, kayakers and many more outdoor enthusiasts. Often stored in zip-lock bags.
Hey dude pass the scroggin, quit eating all the chocolate!
by Justcameron April 01, 2008
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(v.) The act of intercourse, often comical, that involves a sexual position that resembles video footage from the Animal Planet. Often orgies that end in disgust or violence are the result of a good scroggin'.
Look at them two bullfrogs scroggin'.

Damn, where's the water hose Ray and Reeta are scroggin' on the keg again.
by Jerry Kurl November 07, 2006
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1. Describes a mix of nuts and dried fruit and seeds that is usually eaten by hikers that is high in energy. Also known as trailmix.

2. Can be used to describe a gross build up of a substance on the human body.
1. "Im feeling a little tired and energyless. Pass me some scroggin mate."

2. "Ergh! I got some scroggin between my toes! I better wash my feet."
by JakeTeamXtreme February 02, 2007
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similar to washing the dogs but a past tense verb as opposed to present tense one. when two or more realistically 1 testicle is attemped to be inserted into the anus of your sexual partner during sex. a seasonal persuit better performed in the summer as the sack has more stretch.
i attempted to perform scroggins on the lady last night but, its near impossible in an igloo.

the sun is shining and its very humid, this is good scroggins weather
by master master master May 05, 2010
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What drunk motherfuckers call sexual intercourse, making out or "scrumping"
holy shit jon and ashley are scroggin in the woods, i think i need another beer
by bigmy29 July 08, 2003
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Scroggin -

1. a fruit and nut mix
2. another word for scrotum
3. fruity scroggin implies a fruity nature
eg. oh dear, he was a bit of a fruity scroggin

it's ok, that one's a nutty scroggin
by apc.gurl September 29, 2009
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