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The ancient method in which men deal with disagreements whilst playing Scrabble by presenting each other with their thick and pulsating lumps of man meat, and battle it out in the same style as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in the final moments of the Empire Strikes Back. The winner is either the last man standing who still has the head of their love pump still attached, or the man who is able to successfully convince the other that he is their father.
Sir! T H I C C is not the correct spelling, it is spelled T H I C K - and if you continue to demand to be correct without having the financial capability of purchasing a dictionary and proving yourself to be correct, then I must challenge you to a bout of Scrobbling! PRESENT YOUR MAN MEAT!
by hatthered August 08, 2018
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Having a weak ejaculation, usually companied by a wimpy sound or phrase.
Hey, I think I have an issue scrobbling, my girlfriend said I wasn't a man.
by Whiteplains October 10, 2016
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