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A mainly user-defined website. Like MySpace but way better. uses a plugin to create music charts based on what one listens to on their (computerized) media player. Based on these, it recommends music and creates radio station. Users who sign up for a free account receive these benefits, and can also post blog entries. A good way to discover new music and meet people with good musical taste.

Also known as the "Social Music Revolution"
Person 1: Hey, why do your charts list Lindsay Lohan as your No. 1 artist?
Person 2: It was my kid sister, I swear.
by youresoscene April 26, 2006
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2 is a internet radio, music recommendation system, and it also keeps a detailed profile for each member of the site of all the songs you've played. You have to have the Audioscrobbler plugin installed on your music playing program though. The music recommendations are based on what songs you've listened to on it. The user's profile also keeps track of the last 10 songs you've played in the recent past. There is also a Journal function. You can join user groups. There is an option for paying 3 US dollars a month for no ads, and more radio options, but it is free to join. It also groups you with other members based on common artist.
"according to my page I've listened to more songs than you."
by Justin P. B. April 26, 2006
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A social community that revolves around music. A way for the world to see what music makes you dance around like a loony. The profile tells everyone what bands the user listens to, how many times they've played songs, and you can add images by BBCode that relate to music.
One of these images is Scaicha which records the genres of everyting you listen to and calculates a score.
There are many things one can do with It looks at what you listen to and recommends similar bands.
Person A: Who the hell are Eighteen Visions?
Person B: My top artist on :)
Person A: I haven't heard of them!
Person B: Well recommended them and I think they're awesome
by Music Is My Boyfriend =) April 22, 2009
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UK based internet radio and music community website. Members listen to music and that music is counted and placed in their personal library.
Person #1: Dude,my top artist on is Radiohead.
Person #2: Radiohead is everyone's top artist on
by umlikewhatever May 16, 2009
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swanky la dee dah website dedicated to showcasing your favourite bands and boasting about how many songs you've played since you've signed up.
"i went on last fm today and it was class"
"last fm is just like bebo but with music"
"a social music revolution"
by Swooshie July 28, 2008
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A website in which your music is monitored and compared to other users. This is also the home for music play count whores.
"Hey dude! I just reached 10,000 total song plays on! I listen to a lot of music so therefore I'm cool!"

"Awesome, I have 15600 plays!"
by Errur October 13, 2008
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