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Scrizzy has been mis-used in the past due to the black community. The word Scrizzy Originated in the Tampa Florida area known as C-Wood. Wez thugs use scrizzy to say something is straight or cool. This did not originate at a High school of kids, this is a mans word and can only be used by thugs like myself. Also in Chinese Scrizzy means bad ass mother fucker who likes to fuck his friends sisters and laugh about it afterward. Also we would like to inform the gay community that if they use this word they will be put in a small crate meant for a cat and be stabbed to death cuz wez dont fuks around wit Scrizzy.
Pain: lenny u wanna bang? Lenny: ill u sick fuk, no fkin thank you im Scrizzy nigz.
by I AM THE Scrizzy Himself June 20, 2013
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Scrizzy is another word for scrap, meaning friend or person you fuck wit on the regular, or may be just acqauinetd with in a friendly manner. In laymans terms, its like sayin ya nigga, ya homie, or ya boy. It was created by Hosea Morrison to replace the widely overused word scrap, which will slowly be phased out of use, in the same manner that dog lost its popularity. Scrap, simply became annoying, and thus, Scrizzy was created. As it was only recently created in the 2008-2009 schoolyear, and is mostly used in Wilson Magnet High School, it has not gained as much popularity as it will be expected to. Other variations of the word are "scrizz", or "scrizzap", the latter being a combination of "scrizz" and "scrap"
Person 1:"What up scrap?"
Person 2:"Whats good scrizzy?"
by S0n0fth3m0rn1ng February 04, 2009
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A slang term for scrimmage. Often used in the Counter-Strike subculture; moreso under the influence of marijuana.
I'm so stizzied, let's scrizzy.
by shane October 25, 2003
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