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The act of looking at your opponents screen to find out their location when playing video games with your friends, such as (Halo 3, Gears of War, and most FPS).
-Fred- Dude how did you know I was sniping from there?!
-Jerome- I looked at your screen bro.
-Fred- Not cool man, that's screen hopping!
by MK_Prodigy July 31, 2010
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The act of going from one screen to another in a movie theater, evading the ushers, as to either see more than one movie for one ticket or to get into a totally seperate movie than the one you have a ticket for. Most often done by adolescents, or angry vengeful adults (i.e. when the film they want to see sells out).
After the movie ended, we went screen hopping to the screen next door and saw another movie.
by toee January 17, 2007
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buying a ticket for one movie and entering another because the age certificate is too high for you to pass
1. "Do you wanna go and see Saw V?"
"No, I can't pass for 18."
"So? We'll screen-hop."
-2 hours later-
"That movie was great! I LOVE screen hopping!!"
by wtfCharlie June 12, 2009
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