Derived from the term queen.
A screaming queen is a homosexual man who is so overtly camp as to drive everybody, including more moderate homosexuals, to the brink of distraction. Also, somebody whose Gay persona is so patently overacted as to be ridiculous.
"Leopard skin hotpants, a lisp and a blonde wig? What a screaming queen!"
by Sam Baynham November 29, 2003
Originally a term used in horror and slasher films to describe the leading lady. This is where the title for the show Scream Queens originated.
I can’t decide who my favorite scream queen is. I love Heather Langenkamp in Nightmare on Elms Street, yet Halloween wouldn’t be the same without Jamie Lee Curtis.
by BigMadWolfman February 12, 2022
A TV Show from the creator of American Horror Story and Glee starring Emma Roberts. It's a new genre mixing comedy and horror, and the first season is about a serial killer murdering students in a college, yet police doesn't do anything, the college doesn't close, no parents care about their kids and everyone is too worried about who they sleep with.
Person 1: Have you seen Scream Queens?
Person 2: Yes, but only because I wanted to see Ariana Grande die in the first episode
by gig9 January 25, 2016
Someone particularly interested in horror films. Enjoys everything about them, and may even have been in one or two.
If Rob Zombie were a woman, he'd be a scream queen.
by lalalacey October 2, 2007
A Female so fine that when she blows past you you have to Catcall, Whistle, & Shout; the Quintessential Tits & Ass with the Wiggle & the Jiggle.
Boy, Let me tell Ya : When that Jet-Screaming Hooty Queen struted by me, I did an about-face and chased after her like a saucy, viril, rutting Buck.
by Paulytaz August 25, 2017