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A tv show filled with dark humour starring a rich girl who lost all her money and a poor sarcastic girl who join forces to have a cupcake bussiness and are always complaining over how broke they are. They both live and work as waitresses in a Williamsburg diner , with a 75 year old black cashier, a sex-obssesed ukranian chef, a short korean boss and their fancy neighbour, a polish woman (well, the woman doesn't actually work there).
2 broke girls characters:
Han Lee: Hipsters like karaoke.

Max Black: Replace the work 'like' with the word 'Hitler' and you have the 3 worst things in history.
by gig9 January 25, 2016
A TV Show from the creator of American Horror Story and Glee starring Emma Roberts. It's a new genre mixing comedy and horror, and the first season is about a serial killer murdering students in a college, yet police doesn't do anything, the college doesn't close, no parents care about their kids and everyone is too worried about who they sleep with.
Person 1: Have you seen Scream Queens?
Person 2: Yes, but only because I wanted to see Ariana Grande die in the first episode
by gig9 January 25, 2016