2 definitions by lalalacey

me and my sister's name for the nastiest person alive.
lacey: ew, look its Olivia
jade: you mean OliviHO
lacey: oh yeah, she is a ho
jade: she is nasty too
lacey: she it really fat too
jade: yeah i think she is pregnant
lacey: it wouldnt suprise me, she is a nasty, boyfriend-stealing, whore.
jade: yeah she is, lets kill her.
lacey: good idea, she deserves to die a painful death.
by lalalacey April 20, 2007
Someone particularly interested in horror films. Enjoys everything about them, and may even have been in one or two.
If Rob Zombie were a woman, he'd be a scream queen.
by lalalacey October 2, 2007