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Scrapnel is a newly coined hillbilly variation on the word shrapnel. Originally (mis)spoken by "Turtleman" on the show "Call of the Wildman" during the "Speedway Demons" episode when referring to a racecar crashing and throwing car parts around the track.
"If that car crashes, it may throw scrapnel around."

A grenade can explode, sending scrapnel into your face.
by The Bossman of Philly November 05, 2012
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The splashback that actually hits your ass when you have explosive diarrhea. Commonly carries fecal matter with the liquid making you have to wipe your ass cheeks as well as the hole.
Johnny- "Damn Steve, I got hit with Scrapnel, and I am all outta toilet paper!"
Steve- "Well Steve, you shouldn't of ate those Tacos!"
by batsoup August 30, 2009
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The pieces of crap clinging to the side of the toilet bowl during heavy bowel movements.
After a fit of diarrhea, the side of the toilet was plastered with sCRAPnel
by Gadget King November 17, 2011
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