A stripper who is the age of 80 years old but everybody wants to nut inside her dusty vagina.
I'm more filled than a four score whore on New Years!
by I like usernames July 31, 2017
When a person fellatiates four of your five fingers at a fancy dinner table preferably. Dirty yes but not a thumbsucker, not a woman that can fit a fist in her mouth, but the woman you CAN bring home to mother.
Four-Score-Whore and seven years ago I knew the woman who became your mother would be my wife...uh first wife. Sorry about Tiffany son.
by Whatzupbudnotsowiser June 5, 2018
"He shoots, he scores!" is an exclamation used by non-professional footballers to emphasize their excitement upon scoring a goal. The term was first used by soccer match commentators.
John shouted happily He shoots, he scores! after successfully scoring goal.
by montyBabinotis November 1, 2022
A maximum score of 180 in darts. Possibly started by an errant dart at double-13
by ThatBastardDiamond March 11, 2008
food you find in your cupboard that you didn't know you had
Yeeeeees! Chocolate chips! Now I don't have to go to the store AGAIN, before I make cookies...... Pantry Score!!!!
by calidomo October 23, 2014