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When an army is retreating, destroying everything that could be of use to the enemy as it goes ie: railways,bridges,buildings,power,oil instalations etc etc so all that falls into the enemys hands is wreckage&land scorched by demolition charges.
"as they retreated, they destroyed everything in thier path leaving nothing but fire, destruction and scorched earth"
by Recklessxzx September 26, 2008
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At the end of a relationship and knowing how much you despise the person you just left for everything they did to you, you ensure that there is never any hope of getting back together by letting everyone know what that person did to you.
she broke up with him and he went all scorched earth on her to regain his dignity after the way she played him.
by Mr Satans mistress May 14, 2015
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characterized by utilizing all methods of legal research, including but not limited to secondary sources, digests, headnotes, terms and connectors, etc.
It seems as if you've under-utilized some important legal research tools; remember, you need to use a scorched earth research strategy thereby covering all your bases.
by Section L & M April 13, 2011
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A bald spot that is typically found on a younger man's head that can be attributed to a personality that constantly displays extreme self-esteem issues, which in turn, causes unwarranted and completely random outbursts of fiery rage.
Student 1: Man! Why is that weird kid always flipping out on our spanish teacher?

Student 2: No idea, but I bet thats why he's got some Scorched Earth spreading across his Dome.
by NightmanCometh6 April 24, 2010
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for one entity to minimize incentive for a hostile entities to take over (from a military strategy of destroying anything of one's own assets the enemy could use during an occupation, popularized by China during World War 2)
The scorched earth campaign to stop them from nationalizing their business would surely backfire when customers complained.
by The Return of Light Joker October 09, 2010
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When you get yourself so shitfaced you can't stand.
A form of protection; to make sure so others don't get you wasted first.
Opposite of blitzkrieged.

Tomato Head: "I'm gunna get you blizkrieged!"
Retirement Home: "Tomato Head, NO! I'm going to get scorched-earth instead. GO AWAY"
by the retirement home December 12, 2009
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