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An Afnan is orginated from branches.
Its also used for people who do Mitch Hewer (when they're married to them) and spend a lot of time with Chace Crawford.
A polite hard working person.
Likes spikey cats.
Very lovable.
Mitch: That Afnan is so cool
Chace Crawford: I wish I were Afnan
Cat: Meo!
by Samaiscoolerthanyou February 16, 2009
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Shorty who makes the world a better place with her smile. Has time for everyone and cares for everyone.
T: I need to go study after fajr.

Af: I'll come with you!

T: You're such an afnan.
by #1Fan February 25, 2013
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A girl who is VERY strange to unknown people. If you ever meet her don't ever judge her by her looks;outside. She is funny, smart, fashionable,friendly, and pretty though she won't admit it(unless her hair's straightened) and loves listenin to music. It's impossible to know this in the first meeting. She looks boring but if you know her personally, you will find out she is to be with. Your life is lame if u don't get to meet her and be her friend. and also she backs up and stands 150% by her friend. she even seems to have solution for every problem you got.
Me: hey af,wat ya doin?
Afnan:hey..Ohh...nothin fun...jus givin prank calls cas i'm so bored.
Me:Wat????!!!! I thought u were an anorak!!! I didn't know u were like that! God!! U don't look lke wat u really r inside!
Afnan:hahaha...every1 thinks dat.
by rightthinker#700 October 14, 2011
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Afnan is a beautiful Egypatian girl with the face of a Goddess and the heart of gold, (If your nice to her). Afnan has a love for animals and is highly protective of the people she loves, she will fight for them in anyway possible. Afnan is also a sensitive soul, doesn't like to be lectured or hurt, never hurt an afnan out of anger, she hates feeling threatened, and is not a push over, she is very proud and will willingly show it, her pride can cause her to become arrogant and say things she doesn't mean sometimes. Afnan will never leave you if she loves you, she doesn't go back on her word and is very honest. Afnan, is a hasty one this makes her good at a lot of things that require hasty action, but can cause her to do stupid things. She likes to party, and have fun, but knows when it's time to chill. She is also the best girlfriend you could ask for if you can be patient and loving, turn the other cheek if she gets a little upset. She loves you deep down. You'll remember that.
She's beautiful like an afnan
by wakerofwords123 November 06, 2018
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A sneaky Pakistani male with a mustache who will always make a mess at lunch, as well as cause food fights.
Guy 1: *Accidently leaves his water bottle open*
Afnan: *Knocks it over* Too late!
by Chingalingchong January 15, 2014
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A creature only found in the Amazon Jungle. It has brown fur and big ears. Some even say that this creature is spotted with a beard. This creature comes out of it's cave once every 20 years. Simply to eat.
Bear Grylls: And here we have, the legendary and rare Afnan. A rare creature indeed, look at those chompers!
Afnan: Screeeeeeechhhhhhhhh
Bear Grylls: Damn k
by Tree_Branches June 04, 2018
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A guy who really proud of his 'highschool' drama. He also very bad at guessing.
He is Afnan! Siti likes Afnan but she is too shy to tell.
by Heterozydous January 23, 2018
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