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To be deliberately oblivious or unaware. To ignore something obvious or fail to acknowledge it. To let someone get way with it without telling on them. Based on the character of Sgt. Schultz (whose nickname was Schultzie) from the Hogan's Heroes television show who often declared "I see nothing! Nothing!" after inadvertently walking in on some forbidden activity.
He walked in on us and caught us red-handed but he just did a Schultzie and left.
They were right in the middle of it and he just turned right around and kept going. Yeah, he totally pulled a Schutzie.
Dude, what if they see you? Ah, they'll just do a Schultzie like usual.
by wyrwolf February 27, 2011
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a method of fingering a girl by playing the nervous game; the giver puts their hand on the females lower thigh and continues to move their hand upwards towards the vagina on the outside of their pants, they continue and go back down the other leg, once they reach the opposite knee, they move back to the vagina and put their hand in the females pants progressing to getting their hand in her vagina
"He was a horny bastard so he pulled a "schultzie" to get in her pants."
by J UNIT January 25, 2006
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