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A German family whose name means "writer", they were originally part of a Teutonic noble house who rose to power through extortion and murder. When the members of this house were exiled from the region, a branch of them took on the name Schreiber as a pseudonym, pretending to be traveling scholars while maintaining their avaricious lifestyles.
That guy's bad, but he's no Schreiber.
by Schreibenheimer May 02, 2009
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a high school located in port washington, new york. much more diverse than surrounding schools like manhasset. schreiber has a pretty solid mix of kids. There are some typical long island dbags who think there the shit, but other kids are chill. schreiber sucks at pretty much every sport. jv football is filled with midgets, and bball now has kids who wouldnt make the team at a real sports school. lax is pretty big, and the team's solid. teachers are for the most paid laid back and pretty chill, tho a few should definitely be fired.

its pretty good academically too...even some dumb kids end up going to good colleges because of schreiber's reputation.

most kids live the "work hard, party hard" lifestyle.

overall, a pretty good place to go to high school
I'm smart, somewhat involved in my community, play a few sports, and pretty arrogant. I'm a typical kid in schreiber.

I'm so glad I go to schreiber and not manhasset.

I'm a total dipshit, but somehow I got into NYU. going to schreiber definitely helped.
by ohleeeeeeeeerd July 23, 2011
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a small town in ontario where the main economy is CP Rail. Teenagers don't really have much entertainment in this town, so they sit around get high or drunk; sometimes even complain how there is nothing to do. Schreiber has the potential to be a beautiful town, but they are in debt so bad that they can't. Pretty much a retirement town now, except for the occasional good party during Heritage days. Just go to Terrace Bay.
gotta love a Schreiber Friday night..
don't blink! you might miss Schreiber!
by neverrmiind January 07, 2012
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