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1.An alternate word for sex.2.More precisely it means to penetrate whilst in the process of sex
1." I need to go and see Mr. Bevan about my essay "
" Nah Blud allow that he probs Schrammin a wall "
2." Omg look at that man, hes schramming his dog! "
" Kewl, lets advance closer and watch "
" Alright m8.... "
by Cassidy765 March 04, 2006
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To exaggerate the effects or perceived effects of a panic attack while high on marijuana.

2. To freak on out weed, neglect to recover, and exacerbate the nerves of fellow smokers and steer the evening towards a melodramatic conclusion.
"We got baked and watched the fireworks on the boob tube when that novice schrammed the whole affair. Pathetic."

by Max Schreck November 03, 2007
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another name for a hairy, slimey beef curtain that rarely gets washed. A Schramm is a girl who loves getting peed on, and also enjoys her nightly activity of her vaginal tightening exercises. Schramms like to be plowed by multiple men at once. Schramms tend to make up lies about others and further about themselves for attention.
Ew, that schramm is gross
by your worst nightmare ;) April 27, 2011
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