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N. An elementary school student designated by school faculty to monitor halls in between any of the following:
class and lunch
lunch and class
lunch and recess
recess and lunch
recess and class
class and recess

The point of the safety program is to maintain a sense of control. Children are thought to behave themselves when they know a goody-goody safety is watching. They are aware that the "safety" will completely taddle their little pants off without thinking twice or give a written warning.

What distinguishes the "safety" from other students is a band of fluorescent, orange plastic which wraps around the waist and diagonally across the chest. A silver or gold badge of some sort is pinned to the band draped across the chest. These badges are of different colors to show rank.
The job of a school safety is to make sure the other students are behaving whenever adults aren't looking.

School Safety: Please walk
Student: Sorry!
(Student whispers to classmate)
Student: That safety better not tell our teacher I was running!
Classmate: What a nerd... NARK!!
by Anisettekiss November 17, 2006
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