The last remaining institution child labor laws do not cover.
1. my kid stayed up 'til 3am last night completing an algebra project composed entirely of letters. WTF?!

2. I love 40-hour weeks when I'm 13 years old!

3. social life, family life, and sanity: kiss them all goodbye at the opening of the school doors
by IBdeadsoon March 08, 2009
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School is just like a prison. The bell tells you when to go to eat, when to see your friends, and when to go to class.
School fucking sucks.
by THE WORKOUT October 14, 2006
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Another Indoctrination Center set for children little as 4-early 20s.

It dumbs down society and teaches them to be submissive, and docile drones. You learn useless garbage that has little to no relevance to your life, and that you will forget in months.

A place where they make shit up on the spot, call it a law or rule and give you a punishment for it. A place where authority figures percieve you as bugs in which they can control and do anything to.

A place which indoctrinates you into becoming ready for the lifestyle the government wants you at. It destroys you mentally and physically. A place in which consists of disinformation ie history science english anything you can name.

A place in which destroys your free thinking and creativity. Taught useless things, and called dumb for not doing well. School is useless and consists of just memorizing useless information which you'll forget in several months.

Yeah, I'm done, this shit pisses me off because I have to go to school tomorrow. Home School your kids, it's not illegal!!
by YouLiveToDie May 23, 2010
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Where we waste 18 years of life at.

nuff said
'Am I actually going to use fucking square roots when I'm 23 and have a job?'

Thanks School!
by /giva fuck about you\ June 26, 2007
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An institution originally noncompulsory, now a forced hellhole where otherwise reasonably intelligent people are forced to go for 14 years.

It instills in them a great hatred of what they otherwise would not despise; for example, many children who hate history don't actually hate the Civil War. They just hate that they're being forced to memorize names and dates. If they were left to their own devices, they would probably end up knowing the basics about the Civil War without having to spend pointless hours proving to some mindless beaurocrat that they know what they're talking about.

An institution that takes too long to not do enough. An institution that makes people believe that it is the only way anyone will ever learn anything or meet anyone. Apparently the real world and libraries and the Internet are not valid places of learning or places to socialize. Nope, you have to go with all the other inmates in an environment where you get no respect at all from dipshits with a special piece of paper that says they know how to humiliate you.

Pavlov's dogs, but teenagers.

A place where they're so freaking retarded they can't just make school noncompulsory. If it were noncompulsory, after a while everyone would get bored with playing video games and wander in to school to go to the chemistry lab where a chemist would show them how to do what they wanted to do.

A place where people assume you're incapable of just picking up Dickens on your own, so they have to force you to read Oliver Twist NOW so you'll hate classic literature all your life.

A place where well-meaning people destroy creativity.

School is not learning. People hate school, not a^2+b^2=c^2. They hate having to wake up early after doing homework late, having to go to a place where they have no free will and come home to where it's just reinforced by their parents.

School creates a huge inferiority complex and denies us our status as humans so corporations come in and promise us the chance to feel something intense if we just buy their snake oil. A chance to be respected if we buy their shoes, wear their wristbands, bring our mp3 players around in our $300 backpacks specially designed for the $800 bike we ride around so we can complain when we go through a puddle and splash our overpriced jeans made by abused children in India.

School is hell.
Student: Mr. Smith, when was the last time you needed to know the population density of Finland?


Student:... Fuck this, I'm going to go carve wood.


10 years later: ...He attributes his massive success to skipping school so he could practice woodcarving, which when coupled with his love of music led him to carve flutes. Now 26, Mr. Student is doing what he loves and living within his means. What a shame the rest of us are brainwashed fucks. This is Anchorman, XYA News.


I am always ready to learn, I am never ready to go to school.


Eric, damn it, you failed your chemistry test! You'll die of lung cancer now!

... But Dad, I want to be a poet...

SHUT UP, ERIC! You're going to fail at life and never get married or have kids or do anything because YOU FAILED HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY!

Dad, do you remember any of your high school chemistry?

Yeah, I remember all of it and it's what's helped me get this bullshit cubicle job. Now go get on your bike and go to school.
by Eric Greenfeld May 26, 2006
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the most time wasting boring useless pointed wretched disgusting intimidating thing to eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr eeeeeeeeexist.
first you have to wake up at an extremely early time then they feed you prison food for breakfast. then they send you to hellish classes such as reading, english, algebra 1, etc. this takes up about 1/3 of your freaking day and about 30% of your life, including college.........
you would never want to go to school...
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by MyBigFatBoobs April 27, 2020
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The only thing keeping us from doing what we want to do.
Me: After school do u want to go to mountain mike’s for Pizza.
Teacher breaks in sentence: here take a kind bar there much better for your immune system.
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by you are reading my name May 08, 2020
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