an institution known to torture kids by teaching geomerty, science and running aound for no FUCKING reason. this causes the kids to almost commit suicide on a daily FUCKING basis
by blah cheerleader November 10, 2009
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A place where adults jack kids up on speed, commonly known as Ritalin, so that they will sit still and pay attention long enough to listen to adults tell them to just say no to pot.
Teacher: Joanna was caught smoking marijuana behind the school building today. She must not have been listening when we talked about the dangers of drugs, so we are going to put her on a hard drug Ritalin to make it easier for her to pay attention.
by Malafides Lucius March 31, 2007
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School is a place where wiggers try to get too much attention (in class, in hallways, incafeteria etc.) School is supposed to help you practice for the futur, and practice makes perfect, but nobody's perfect, so why bother practicing?
Oh no! A wigger! Oh my god... purses everywhere... Oh look! we can see his boxers, his pants are down to his knees!
by Andrea March 12, 2005
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