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A place where unreasonable teachers attempt to teach kids something useless that they will never need in life. Most kids think school is "pointless". Obviously these kids have more common sense than the teachers. Most teachers would never admit to that. Well guess what stupid, if you grew a brain cell you'd know that there is no point in putting us through our own personal hell. Some people who have been corrupted by the government might think "Since you hate school so much, why don't you spend all day slaving at a job instead?". I can say from full experience, I love "slaving" at my job WAY more than being trapped in a tiny desk for 8 hours with people who think they are more important than everyone attempting to cram useless information into my brain.
Most people who like school either aren't in it anymore, or just like seeing their friends which they could do outside of school if it wasn't taking so much time out of their day.
by newbzoors October 18, 2010
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A game played where someone will say something ridiculous they have done and the other person will have to figure out whether they have done it because they were drunk, or if they are just kidding.
by newbzoors August 24, 2010
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