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N/Adj- one posesessing an incurable and terminal case of badassitude. In advanced cases, it is often seen that this badassery affects all parts of the individual's life, and in the final end will consume him or her entirely. Also, a direct translation of the Spanish terms "el jefe" and "el mero mero."
N- "dude, that's guys such a Sobieski," Adj- "that guy out-Sobieskied the shit out of me"
by eSmeet February 19, 2012
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A weird ass teacher who smell like spoiled dragon fruit, claims to be healthy but is clearly overweight, and got their ankles broken by a 16 year old in a basketball game and was forced to walk in a cast for a week.
"Ms. Sobieski! I'm so sorry I broke your ankles back there."
"It's okay. I was tired anyways."
"Well I'm glad you're okay."
"You know this means you're getting an F in my class, right?"
"Just kidding you half-educated walrus ass bitch. Fuck you, your legs, and your over-sized husband."
by AbbottK April 01, 2019
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