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A beastly group of ninjas occupying most of Southern Asia. They are deadly with the skill of killing someone with a post-it. They can also tame wild big cats, using only a piece of meat and a rope. They can defeat the pirates because they also sail very well. They are also stealthy and besides being ninjas they double as spies. The Schmeiderers are a large clan and if you cross them then you should look out.
Wow! Those Schmeiderer's are so beastly in the art of killing someone with a Post-It!

Apparantly, one of those Schmeiderer girls got into the top FBI building and stole some Top-Secret papers. And, the FBI had no idea that someone was even in the building!

Those Schmeiderer ninjas are amazing! You don't even see them coming!
by ninjaC December 18, 2009
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