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A term referring to a pair of female breasts. It is most commonly used to describe those with a visibly low center of mass as a result of age or braless lifestyle.

Synonyms: "Floppy Knockers", "Swangin' Tatties"
Fred: "Did you see Susan's schmackers?"
Steve: "See'em? I can hear them from here?"
by djmattyice July 03, 2018
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A word typically used by faggots (aka punjapis) that means penis(usually said in an indian accent); something negative
Oh my goodness Rajesh just put his schmacker in Binu’s mouth-hole.

In the name of Allah it smells like schmacker in here
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by yong_coochiekilla December 06, 2018
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A device you can schmack or hit, for example a Juul, Dab pen, etc.
Joe: Hey Karen can I use your Schmacker? I need some nic.

Karen: Hell yea Joe, who am I to take away someone’s buzz?
by cbergin13 July 15, 2018
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