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The art of lazing around the house in your most comfortable and/or oversized clothing, doing whatever the hell you want, make-up free, toothbrush free and undeoderised.
> Friend: It's 3pm and you're STILL in your pajamas?!?
> Schlumpfer: Yeah, I've been at home schlumpfing all day. I ate nothing but cereal.

"These sweats are the ultimate schlumpfing clothes! They are sooooo comfortable!"

by mmcKellar June 18, 2008
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a soft, but massive turd; a deuce that is holding back a pocket of gas. when the pile breaks free, it makes the sound "schlumpf" as it falls out of your anal and into the bowl.
I went to the men's room at lunch, but someone had left a huge schlumpf waiting in the bowl.
by mike gould April 06, 2006
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the part of the male anatomy that enters the female vagina during intercourse
tom pace has a large schlumpf
by Uncle Charlie February 02, 2003
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