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Hebrew Slang:

Pronounced S'-ch-le.

'Ch' as a spanish Xavier, 'Le' as the french prefix.

1. When lotsa people drink from the same bottle, may it be a plastic Coke bottle or a glass Beer bottle, the bottom 2 inches of drink left in said bottle, containing only 2% of the original drink, the rest reserved for mostly oral bodily fluids coming from more than one mouth, is commonly referred to as Schle.
Usually with an eerie taste to it.

2. Also a reference to people from the contaminated, crummy shallow waters of the Gene Pool.

A: You want the last sip?
B: The Schle? no fucking way, i had my herpes last tuesday.


A: Check out that lovely creature!
B: Man, she's so Schle. Your taste suck0rz.
by Yoshi2501 November 27, 2005
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