(Noun) Rhetorical Short-form slang adaptation of (It's the) "Shit isn't it?"
Big Pimpin: "Yo, homie, I just dropped a deuce on the President's front lawn, he was so mad he tweeted about it and tried to blame it on immigration"

Fan: "Man, you're the Schiznit"

Big Pimpin': Yep, and the President is just shit.
by High Hiter October 23, 2017
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Word meaning crazy, unrealistic, bad, awesome, cool, scrumptious, heck, stuff, items, fantastic, and other random words. A combination of the words Sh** and some other unknown word.

Commonly spelled by other dim-witted persons as shiznit
What the Schiznit were you thinking trying to spell it s-h-i-z-n-i-t?!
by Imma Nguyener! December 6, 2010
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The Boss, King Playa, Big Lad - A person who is considered to have a high social standing
by DirkDiggler April 11, 2003
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someone or something that is really cool or awesome.
My best friend Ariel is the schiznit!!!!

She is the schiznit....

That movie was the schiznit.
by punkrockstar92 August 4, 2008
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