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Derived from the noun Scape Goat, Scape Goating is the act of driving the speed limit or at least going with the flow until a car goes flying past you. At this point you pull out of your lane and into his, and use him as a Rabbit. The idea is to maintain a reasonable distance behind the other car and to go slightly slower than him so that he will get caught in any speed trap up ahead and you'll have time to react, slow down, and continue on your way. Not only does this work for speeding, but you can also follow him if he is constantly switching lanes, and rest assured that he will also be the one to get the reckless driving ticket, too, in place of you. This works best on highways and interstates, but can really be used on any kind of road with at least 2 lanes in either direction.
Driver in red car: "Man, I think this guy's been Scape Goating off me for the last couple miles. I'm gonna slow down so he passes me."

Passenger in red car: "Ok, he just passed you. Now let's Scape Goat off of him."


Passenger in red car: "Oh man, we've been Scape Goating off that Hyundai for 10 minutes, but he's exiting."

Driver in red car: "That's ok, we'll just find someone else to Scape Goat."
by Jace555 May 04, 2009
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Scapegoating is when you blame something on an innocent person that will get you in trouble with other people. In some cases people enjoy being scapegoated, but on the other hand bare mans get vexed about it, get me?
Josh: Urghh, Reff your disgusting mate, your constantly farting mate, sort it out!
Reffold: Wtf man? That wasn't even me it was you!!! Ohh your such a scapegoating bastard!!!
by MCJB MASSIVE Dunno October 07, 2009
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Relations involving multiple people and their abominations. Usually done in positions where the man is behind the female.
John and Sarah are always scapegoating after school.
by Scapegoaterkr January 20, 2010
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Anybody who looks for a scapegoat or doesn't hold anything sacred (including justice) doesn't believe in fair play, fair trials, or fair anything else
Nobody was crazy enough to represent the guy in town that the girl was scapegoating.
by Solid Mantis April 21, 2020
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