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suburban camping. Camping in a backyard or neighborhood park that is not usually designated for camping. Also can be used to describe camping for the purpose of purchasing hard-to-get sports or concert tickets.
Pop a tent up in the backyard, so the kids can go scamping.
by tmccartney May 21, 2010
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To go camping as a group of scouts
Oh yeah I noticed a group of kids going Scamping the other day, they will be fine as they are scouts and they are prepared.
by prime22 April 07, 2009
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Like glamping (upscale camping), SCAmping involves overdoing it. However, instead of wifi, furniture, a plasma tv, and running water, SCAmpers bring medieval garb, multiple chests of clothing and feast gear, musical instruments, suits of armor, and coolers of mead, meat, and bread. The SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) is a medieval reenactment society which often has events in the outdoors, requiring people to bring their own accommodations.

SCAmpers are also known for the size of their tents; competitions can erupt. Giant pavilion tents, attached shower tents, and tents with multiple bedrooms and even attics make appearances.
Most of the time, me camping involves my three-room event pavilion tent, two chests of garb and feast gear, three coolers of bread, meat, and mead, a nice cd mp3 player so I can play madrigals and Scots ballads, and an adjoining shower tent (hey, you try wearing a chemise, corset, bodice, hoops, underskirt, overskirt, hair covering, and leather boots in mid-July, and you'll want a shower too). SCAmping is WAY beyond glamping.
by ReddestQueen November 30, 2011
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