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Sausome is derived from the words Saucy and Awesome. When combined you get Sausome. It means something is beyond Awesome. If you are sausome - you are rocking the party.
Jim arrived at the party in his new outfit and he looked sausome.
by CMO_HB January 15, 2009
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When a particular sauce or dip is overwhelmingly delicious. Combination of "Sauce" and "Awesome".
Destiny and I went to Taco Bell yesterday and the new avocado-ranch was Sausome!
by FuriousNick July 10, 2009
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To be saucy and awesome all at once.
"Damn that girls ass is sausome"
"You see that sausome catch"
by Stephen Arms December 20, 2003
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A combination of the terms saucey and awesome. When you're too classy to be more ketchup but offer more than a thousand islands ever could.
A word used to describe those that are just too awesome to be 'just' awesome and have the perfect dash of them s a u c e y vibes

Or in simpler terms: Having or expressing a bold, lively, or spirited manner
That new DJ Khalid hit single is totally sausome

When those drag queens came out they were positively sausome
by Idroppedmycroissant April 01, 2019
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