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Snarcolepsy is a sociological disorder that affects ones ability to control sarcasm. People with snarcolepsy experience excessive daytime wittiness and intermittent, uncontrollable episodes of biting satire during the daytime. These sudden snark attacks may occur during any type of activity at any time of the day but are usually associated with the overriding presence of bullcrap, especially the corporate kind.
Had another bought of Snarcolepsy during today's meeting. I've pretty much used up my apology bank with HR.
by Simon Proxy June 28, 2018
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A sex act where he wears a double cock-ring so he can enter her ass and vagina at the same time depending on if they're missionary or doggie-style. A a favourite of middle-aged housewives on Saturday Night after the bars close, also known as "nickle style" for the Northern Ontario town its practiced in.
"You're walking funny, Darla, did yer hubby give it to you Sudbury style last night?"
by Simon Proxy January 9, 2016
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Pronounced: Soo-saint-Marie style. A sex act where she has a strap-on and enters his ass while he, hips inverted to hers, enters her ass and they anal fuck each other. Preferred by her since he'll usually give her control of the rate and pressure. Also known as "The Soo" for the towns on either side of the US Canada border.
"Both you and yer hubby are walking funny today, Darla. You did it Sault Ste Marie style last night, didn't ya?"
by Simon Proxy January 9, 2016
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Just as a carbon offset is good works for the environment used to mitigate pollution a KHARMA off-set is an act of charity or assistance given in order to off-set pranks, mischief or otherwise "evil" behaviour.
I helped push a car out of a snowbank as a Kharma off-set against the snow wall I built on my neighbours front door that toppled inside his house when he opened it.
by Simon Proxy May 5, 2010
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When "pissing me off" just isn't strong enough.
Drivers who just dart in front of me like that are really fucking me off!
by Simon Proxy January 22, 2011
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