Someone who possesses emence swag, they are always flossin, and ballin. Also includes a huge ego and attract a fair amount of woman
Look at that saucy boi driving that Ferrari with that model
by YoungRichCracker June 17, 2017
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Someone who is saucier and saucy and easier than easy. Someone who thinks outside the box, but is annoying af.
by TheSauciestBoi November 27, 2019
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(n)disobedient, rebel, good for nothing, id10t
Used in Romeo and Juliet
Denman you are a very saucy boy you.

How now saucy boy?
by Max7 April 06, 2007
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Any boy who slides up in the dm's just to give a compliment then says, "we should hang out ;)" Usually a fuck boy.
"Wow you lookin thicc af, girl." Me: "Ohhhhhhh, another saucy boy."
by saucy boy123 March 05, 2018
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A Canadian rapper, songwriter, saxophonist, model, and visual artist
“Have you heard the new Saucy Boy album?!”

“Saucy Boy? Who’s Saucy Boy?”

Ohhhh man you’ll have you look him up to answer that question.”
by Buzz Illington January 02, 2021
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Noun. A place where fuccbois go to get hella fucked up.
"Hey you trying to go to the Saucy Boy Clubhouse tonight to get sauced?"
by Charlotte Apter March 18, 2017
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