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When you blow a load on a girls face who has acne.
"Dude, I sauced kimmie's pizza last night. So rugged!!!!" - Sauced Pizza
by bkfta June 6, 2017
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Similar to the Cleveland Steamer it's when a girl is on her period and has blood squirt onto your chest and smears it all over.
Man 1 "Yo dude me and Jade were Pizza Saucing last night!" Man 2 "Dude! no way!"
by Dildo McPoopenstein November 29, 2011
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A term used to describe someone of any age, in which you feel both feelings of wanting to be their parent and their lover.

For instance, you are eating pizza with someone, and they get a little sauce on the corner of their mouth. The parent in you wants to smile and wipe it with a napkin. The lover in you wants to lick it off.

In general, the pizza is the lover side and the sauce is the parent side.
You know grant? Oh he’s so adorable, he’s so pizza sauce.
by pizzasaucegirl June 27, 2019
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tomato sauce but different,very yum yum when put on pizza or a banana
Man i love placing this red juicy pizza sauce on my banana
by Pizza man yes April 11, 2022
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