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Beautiful girl who is amazing and wonderful in every way but if you get on her bad side she’ll fix you up.
Satomi is so beautiful but she really does scare me
by Bitch_bereal April 06, 2019
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the weird asian flat mate who is never around
Lydia: Chris, have you seen Satomi recently?
Chris: why no, mid-lands person, I have not seen the foul yonder chinois foreigner
by gofuckyourselg January 23, 2016
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A rare species of internet cancer which is endangered. This creature is made up of humans that have been infected with

furryumonia, weaboo-ox, trap-o-enteritus and worst of all.... gonorrhea.
it's finally been confirmed
satomi is a male trap furry weeb
what a weird fucking combination

-merkster chaf
by xX_ButtHead27_Xx January 09, 2019
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