a nickname given to the late singer/trumpeter Louis Armstrong. Short for "satchel mouth"
We need to watch out for the satchmo!
What, the trumpet player?
by kingofswing881 July 23, 2003
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While some slore is giving you a rusty trombone you fart into her mouth causing her cheeks to blow up big making her look like Satchmo.
Bitch was giving me a pedestrian rusty trombone so I turned her into Satchmo.
by Ken Melloy March 1, 2008
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v. to slap one with your own penis
n. the act of slapping one with your own penis
"That sick bastard just gave me a satchmo."
by Charlie December 14, 2003
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An awesome guy with the best sense of humour and a smile to light up the world. He always has a good sense of style and smells amazing. He’ll make your heart skip a beat when you get a text or call no matter how small the message is. His talent is giving you butterflies and making you feel special and if you’re having a bad day you can always turn to satchmo for a laugh. If you’re ever lucky enough to get to know this guy you’re absolutely blessed, never let him go. He’s gr8 in bed, especially the making u look like a satchmo.
Hey, Where’s Satchmo ?

I miss Satchmo.
by Chlobear420 June 17, 2022
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The politically-correct way of insulting a person implying that the insultee is a morbidly-obese, smelly, unattractive pathetic loser with a personality to match.
Steve: "Are you still with Jen?"
Nathan: "No I dumped that SATCHMO for her best friend Lisa."
**See also Satchmoes
by mooseknuckle December 24, 2004
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while he plays your pussy like a trumpet and fingers your asshole until you cum so hard you start scatting
Girrrrrrllllll , last night he gave the Satchmo so good I felt like Ella Fitzgerald!!
by Rednikster January 3, 2016
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1. a bad ass trumphet player

2 or a benjiman for more detail see hippiehut
1. whoa check out that bad mofo rock that trumphet

2. benjiman hurry up and piss u shit head, tree fuckin, satchmo
by onebigcracka May 5, 2005
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