A province in the country of Canada, known for the Roughriders, Corner Gas and Gordie Howe. Is often mixed up with the fake place combining Saskatoon and Saskatchewan, Saskatchetoon
Saskatchewan is wicked
by Fresh Pickle December 09, 2014
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Saskatchewan is a beautiful province where half of it is beautiful praries and the other half is magnificeint forests and lakes. Saskatchewan is also the birth place of free medi-care. Unfortunately it takes years to get this "free medicare" now. Also every one leaves because there is no jobs here. Saskatchewan's phone, electrical, heating... are all controlled by the goverment. ON the plus side Saskatchewan has the worlds best uranium. lots of oil and endless other natural resources. On the down side most of those resources are sitting in the ground not being turned into a profit
Spud Co. was the stupidest goverment idea ever in the history of Saskatchewan.
by SaskatchewanSaskatchewan March 31, 2006
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The only place in Canada that is so conservative that will put your picture on the front page of the local newspaper if you get caught doing bong hits.

In Canada, 50% of residents have smoked marijuana. In Saskatchewan, 80% of residents are currently drunk and are ready to physically restrain anyone under the influence of marijuana until the police arrive.
Hey, you got any bud?

-Sure! Here's a Budweiser beer!

I mean pot.

-I don't understand.

Do you have any marijuana?

-You smoke dope?

Dope is heroin.

-Marijuana is illegal and wrong. I'm going to finish getting drunk on this alcohol the local bar illegally supplied to us, since we're underage, then I'm going to drive down to the local police department and report you for smoking dope. We don't put up with liberal mindedness in Saskatchewan!
by kieran ki March 19, 2009
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Province of Canada. One of the few places left in the world that is stuck in the quagmire known as communism. Ruled by a dictatorial klan known as the NDP. Economic wasteland. Contains more energy reserves than the entire middle east altogether.
Tommy Douglas was the former Premier of Saskatchewan.
by pitz August 26, 2004
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Located in the middle of the prairies, in fact a great place to live, unless you're in Swift Current or any other place dominated by the aboriginal culture. Most people are proud of living here and making a contribution to their communities, and most also have a mildly self-depriciative sense of humour about living there, and also drive much better than the people just across the border in Alberta. Regina is a great place to see a football game, where the residents from far and wide over this humble province congregate 9 times a year for an excuse to wear green and cheer on the Roughriders. Saskatoon is one of the most terrific cities in Canada; clean, safe, navigable, and definitely not short of entertainment venues. The people of Saskatchewan will travel anywhere at any price to do the things they want to do. Unfortunately, we still have to let the aboriginals out of their cages, leaving the small towns and cities near aboriginal reserves dominated by their disgusting culture.
I wish I was in Saskatchewan right now, drinking cheap beer and lynching minorities on the highway up to Calgary.
by screambloodygore August 01, 2005
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The flat rectangular province in the middle of Canada. were the grass is brown the winter is cold and when 2 guys walk into the bar with ski masks and pipes trying to kill a guy they get there weapons snatched away and there blocks knocked off. The province has two desserts on up north and one down south. It also has many forests and hills and produces large quantities of diamonds, coal, oil,wheat,and uranium. It is most defiantly not flat and has my home town of North Battleford witch has the highest crime rate per capita in all of canada and has a walmart that had a profit of 4 billion dollars in a single year. YES 4 BILLION!
"Saskatchewan" is awesome but (not being racist far from it) has to many natives.
by jakwei11 January 13, 2013
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A prarie province in western canada.
The main cities are saskatoon (about 250,000 people) and the capital regina (about 200,000 people).There isnt much in saskatchewan except farms,some forest and a couple of deer.
Winters are cold as hell and summers are short and bug infested.
If you enjoy living in saskatchewan then you must either have an IQ of 5 or have spent most of your life in winnipeg.
saskatchewan,flatter than your 12 year old daughter
by benchod123 September 04, 2010
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