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1) The sickest guy ever, literally a g, he's always a kind and nice person, really sick at sports, never gets caught lacking, all the girls love him, he's a very smart person, ripped af, got them big shoulders, one of the best at footballer known to mankind, basically the perfect person that'd you inspire to be.
2) Also a really high achieving school in Salisbury.
John) Damn Bailey I really do wish I was Sarum, if only one day I could be like him.
Bailey) Dude cmon be a little bit more realistic, he's an absolute top class chap.
by ManLikeMichael February 21, 2018
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The nickname of The Salisbury School, in Salisbury CT. Sarum is one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country, routinely sending students to top universities around the country. A far superior school to Hotchkiss, Avon Old Farms, Trinity Pawling, etc.
Chiz- I jizz my pants every time I hear the boys sing the Sarum Hymn after they embarrass (place name of prep school here) at (insert any sport here)
by SalisburySchool November 05, 2009
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