All-Men-Prep-School in Salisbury, CT.

-Class A Division 1 in every sport
(Avon Old Farms recently had to move to Class B Division II)
-Lower acceptance rate than Avon Old Farms
-Higher SAT scores than Avon Old Farms, Trinity Pauling, and Choate
-Don't fall for girls within 5 minutes away from their school (i.e. Avon Old Farms with Miss Porters and Ethel Walker
-NEPSAC Class A Division I winners within the past two years in: Hockey, Football, and of course, Lacrosse.

-has the most alums in the NHL than any other prep school
-has the second most alums in the MLL (behind Deerfield)
-Headmaster didn't have an affair with his secretary like Avon Old Farm's and Berkshire's
-Has the most fit students
-Has a $29 Million brand new athletic center
-Voted the "Best Looking School for Boys" in a recent Facebook poll
-Men of character come from this school
"Yo did you get into AOF? Yeah man!" x every guy who applies

"What schools are looking at you?"
"Cornell, BC, UNC, Penn, Harvard, Yale, and Salisbury School."

"Yeah my friend is going to Salisbury School for lacrosse."

Refer to any headline in Prep School sports
by #celliehard #win November 02, 2011
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