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The sartorians are a strong fandom, they are girls or boys who support the singer Jacob Sartorius. They are the best, strongest, and loveliest fandom in the world!!
person #1: those are a lot of fans who are they here for?
person #2: oh! those are sartorians, they're here for jacob.
by connierdz3 May 24, 2018
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A fandom who is grateful for jacob sartorias , for everything he do with them, they can never give him back in their life happiness that he make them. They want him to be happy, no matter what people say, haters do not know him as much as they do, believe that they would do anything for him, for seeing that happiness that they long to see. Just by seeing his smile so gleaming makes them feel very very happy, they love him too much, he is too important to them. Believe he make them feel too many things."pride" is little with what they feel for him, because at such a young age he is achieving what he always wanted, that's why he inspire them too much, that's why they admire him, because he is fulfilling all his goals as he grow up and they feel so lucky to see every step he take in his career. They will always support him, they will always be by his side, they will always follow him no matter what happens, because he is a beautiful person, because he is so incredible, because he is their idol, because they love him and care about him, that will never change. They promise that never in their life will stop loving him and supporting him and he can trust the sartorians.
sartorians are not just a "fandom"
sartorians are a big strongest family.
by insta: @stanworthyjs3.0 January 10, 2019
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The Sartorians are amazing people who stan the amazing Jacob Sartorius. They are super nice and never fail at defending their idol. They always have your back and are part of the strongest fandom. They have been through so much but never fail to stick together.
Person: Wow the Sartorians are so amazing!!

Othet person: I know right! They're pretty great.
by my.kingjs September 26, 2018
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A massive army of people who follow in the footsteps of Jacob Sartorius. They tackle the haters and they stick together through thick and thin, they have each other’s back. Jacob Sartorius has their full attention.
Omg sartorians are sooooooo in love with js!!
by Sassy.js July 29, 2018
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A boy or a girl who stans the singer Jacob Sartorius. They are strong, beautiful, and they know how to care for someone. They believe that everyone is equal and they love someone for who they really are.
Person 1: bro she’s so pretty and sweet, I need to be her friend!
Person 2: She must be a sartorian!
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by Maddisvids June 17, 2018
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An elite band of warriors who ruled the world between 50AD-111AD. They served the great Sartor leader of the Sartorians. They where extremley loyal and often sacrificed cakes to their the god (Luigi) they had a big bush, a symbol of their vastness. They often had wars with their biggest enemy...The Macedonians...
The sartorians where the best warriors ever, they where fearless
by hegaboy November 29, 2010
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